Bing cashes in on FarmVille Virtual Currency campaign

Microsoft gained 425,000 fans to its Bing Facebook page in one day by offering FarmVille players in-game virtual currency in exchange for signing up to be a Bing fan on Facebook. Article and analysis by:

AdWeek ” A FarmVille prompt during the game offered users FarmVille cash, redeemable for items like seeds and virtual tractors to tend to faux farms, if users became fans of Bing on Facebook. Players do not have to leave the game to become fans and earn the currency.”

ClickZ ” From 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday to 8:11 a.m. on Wednesday, Bing ran a sponsored ad on the bottom right of FarmVille’s main page. The ad copy stated that if the players became Facebook “fans” of the brand, they’d receive three units of “Farm Cash” – which is the popular Zynga game’s virtual currency”

AllFacebook “The idea of incentivizing users to participate in actions to gain virtual currency has been a revolutionary one for FB, and the big question remains as to how valuable the actions are to advertisers.”


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