Fatfoogoo flows into Digital River

e-Commerce services provider Digital River acquires Fatfoogoo for $10 Million and immediately becomes a player in the virtual currency/goods marketplace. Articles and analysis by:

VirtualWorldsNews ” Digital River intends to combine its product offering with Fatfoogoo’s in the future, offering online merchants a single service for managing sales. The combined solution will offer turnkey support for implementing virtual goods, virtual currency, e-wallets, secondary marketplaces, and auction houses into a game.

VentureBeat ” Minneapolis-based Digital River is a publicly traded e-commerce company. Fatfoogoo, based in Vienna, Austria, provides a platform for game developers to implement virtual currency and virtual goods, digital representations of real-world objects popularly used in online games.

Minneapolis StarTribune ” Digital River said that combining its operations with those of Fatfoogoo will enable it to offer game companies a more comprehensive marketing service. Last year Digital River earned $49.8 million on revenue of $403.8 million”

MarketWatch – Press Release

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