BigDoor brings in $5 Million in Funding

Loyalty Program developer BigDoor Media receives a $5 Million round of funding from Foundry Group. Articles and analysis from:

TechCrunch ” BigDoor essentially helps companies build game-like mechanics and loyalty programs into their sites or apps by enabling points, badges, levels, leaderboards, virtual currency and virtual goods – all which are becoming increasingly popular in the Web these days.”

Xconomy ” The deeper idea here is to add a layer of social competition to any given website. This is being tried by fan sites, humor blogs, user-generated content networks, and more traditional media sites.”

TechFlash ” The first 75,000 API calls are free, allowing small publishers to test it out at no charge. It then charges $150 per month for one million API calls and $1,200 per month for 10 million API calls.”

EXTRA! Interesting post about the value of virtual currency on the BigDoor Blog


The Wall Street Journal


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