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Marvelous Team Up: PlaySpan meets Facebook

Social Networking giant Facebook partners with in-game monetization specialist PlaySpan to globally expand the reach of their virtual currency, Facebook Credits. Articles and analysis from:

InternetRetailer ” More than 75 developers use Facebook Credits in more than 200 games and applications on the social network. This agreement should spur significant growth in developers using Facebook Credits in the next few months, says a PlaySpan spokesman.”

InsideFacebook ” This deal helps Facebook quickly make it easier for users to pay in the international markets where PlaySpan has worked to develop payment partnerships.”

AllFacebook ” The additional payment options make it easier for developers to expand their international reach and attract a broader set of people, since not everyone has access to credit or debit cards or PayPal. “ Facebook Credits are an increasingly healthy source of  revenue for Facebook – consumers pay real money for Credits and use those Credits in virtual goods transactions, e.g. in games like Farmville, with Facebook deducting a 30% transaction fee.”

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PlaySpan using $18 Million investment for expansion

Virtual Goods company PlaySpan received $18 Million in venture capital financing from Vodaphone Ventures and Softbank Bodhi Fund. Articles and anlysis from:

Gamasutra ” The company’s monetization solutions have been implemented in more than 1,000 online games, social networks, and online videos.”

VatorNews Among the offerings provided by PlaySpan include UltimatePay, which incorporates over 85 payment methods through a simple and accessible user interface.  Through UltimatePay, users can expand their markets through Ultimate Game Card, the world’s first prepaid game card, and UltimatePoints, which provides for one-click in-game payments and handles transactions as small as $0.01.”

Forbes ” The Silicon Valley-based PlaySpan was founded in 2006. Its other co-founder, Mehta’s son Arjun, was in 5th grade when they started the company (that’s going to look great on his application to Harvard).”

Helium provides a very good article about how PlaySpan was created.

In 2007, Venture capital publication, “Venture Beat” reported that “Arjun Mehta, a 6th grader, said on his website that he is passionate about software that can make the game experience more “rewarding,” and that he started the company last year in his garage.

PRWeb (Press Release)

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Marvelous Team Up: Trilogy Studios meets PlaySpan

Social Games developer Trilogy Studios partners with PlaySpan to provide virtual currency and monetization solutions on its new Firefly gaming platform.  Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Trilogy is using PlaySpan, a provider of virtual goods and virtual currency for games, to make money from its games.”

Examiner ” The Firefly MMORPG platform from Trilogy Studios offers a lightweight browser client for online gaming, including support for achievements, quests, skills, experience gain, items, and instancing. It also offers social networking with integrated e-mail, chat, and messaging services.”

BusinessWire (Press Release)

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Virtual Shoppers spend Real Money

A new study from PlaySpan and VGMarket indicates that women are spending twice as much as men to purchase virtual items. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra “For the purposes of the study, virtual goods encompassed items, game content, and currency in social games, massively multiplayer games, and online PC and console games, including add-on levels and other DLC.”

CNET ” When looking at the median spent on first-party purchases within social-network games, the average female spent $55 dollars, compared to only $30 for males.”

VentureBeat ” Social networks are leading the market, with 32 percent of respondents making purchases in social networks.”

PR Web (Press Release)

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Marvelous Team Up: Pente Group meets Playspan

Application and online game developer Pente Group partners with Playspan to offer virtual currency payment options to its vast userbase.

PR Web – Press Release

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Playspan reveals global ARPPU stats

Playspan releases statistics concerning virtual goods ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User). Article and analysis by: TechWhack

” According to the data, Australian gamers generate the highest ARPPU at $24.38. United States gamers place a close second with an ARPPU of $22.76.”

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