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Sold for a Zong

eBay acquires mobile payments provider and microtransaction specialist Zong for $240 Million. The race to monetize the lucrative mobile/social gaming space is definitely in high gear. Articles and analysis from:

Wall Street Journal  ” Zong’s customer list is a who’s who of social gaming and virtual world companies, including Zynga Inc., IMVU Inc., Walt Disney Co.’s Playdom Inc., Stardoll AB, IAC/InterActiveCorp.’s Zwinky and Shanda Games Ltd.’s Mochi Media. Not to mention the company’s arrangement with Facebook Inc. to sell the social network’s virtual currency.” 

CNET  ” Zong provides a mobile payments platform that facilitates carrier-direct billing for digital goods and services. Users pay for their purchases by entering their mobile phone number and payment is billed to the customer’s wireless service account. “

Forbes interviews Matrix Partners’ Dana Stalder about the rationale for the acquisition.

” There is certainly competition. I think Boku is the most-known competition here in the U.S., but there are two companies in Europe of roughly equal scale: in MindMatics Germany and Allopass France. All of these companies are formidable, but Zong has built the best team with the most direct relationships with carriers and the most converting payment flows in the business. “

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Google grabs Social Gold

TechCrunch reports that Google has acquired Jambool, developer of the “Social Gold” virtual currency platform. Will Social Gold combined with Google Checkout be the counter-punch Google needs against Facebook Credits? Additional articles and analysis by:

Gamasutra ” Jambool is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2006 by Amazon.com veterans Vikas Gupta and Reza Hussein.”

Gamezebo ” For Google, this technology is applicable for both social games as well as Android, which embraces flash (unlike Apple and it’s devices).”

GigaOM ” The big problem for Google is that advertisers go where the users are, and those users are spending more and more time on social networks.”

Fortune ” Social Gold is a direct competitor with Facebook Credits for social currency that act as payments to developers and game companies.”

CNET ” With Facebook now expanding the Credits system and potentially snuffing out third-party virtual-currency providers–it’s been gradually winning over the most powerful social-game manufacturers on its developer platform–many of those start-ups are undoubtedly hunting for exit strategies.”

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Fatfoogoo flows into Digital River

e-Commerce services provider Digital River acquires Fatfoogoo for $10 Million and immediately becomes a player in the virtual currency/goods marketplace. Articles and analysis by:

VirtualWorldsNews ” Digital River intends to combine its product offering with Fatfoogoo’s in the future, offering online merchants a single service for managing sales. The combined solution will offer turnkey support for implementing virtual goods, virtual currency, e-wallets, secondary marketplaces, and auction houses into a game.

VentureBeat ” Minneapolis-based Digital River is a publicly traded e-commerce company. Fatfoogoo, based in Vienna, Austria, provides a platform for game developers to implement virtual currency and virtual goods, digital representations of real-world objects popularly used in online games.

Minneapolis StarTribune ” Digital River said that combining its operations with those of Fatfoogoo will enable it to offer game companies a more comprehensive marketing service. Last year Digital River earned $49.8 million on revenue of $403.8 million”

MarketWatch – Press Release

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Zeevex, we hardly knew ya

Virtual Currency company Zeevex gets acquired by InComm. Deal provides massive market to launch Zeevex virtual currency cards. Articles and analysis by:


PRWeb – Press Release

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