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Marvelous Team Up: Sometrics meets Facebook

Sometrics has partnered with Facebook so that its Game Coin virtual currency can be exchanged with Facebook Credits. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Facebook itself views Facebook Credits as the equivalent to the introduction of the euro, which gave Europeans a single currency and encouraged more cross-border trade. Facebook believes Credits will encourage users to spend more money across larger numbers of apps, allowing the whole ecosystem to benefit”

InsideFacebook ” Sometrics has more than 250 publishers outside of Facebook signed up already, with a combined 225 million users it says, and it has gained experience figuring out what services to provide gamers, and connect them to publishers”

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Free to Pay

Companies from a wide array of industries are starting to understand the potential that virtual currency can have on their bottom line.

Article by MediaPost

” The list of industries looking to take advantage of virtual currency goes on: Several dating sites are reportedly considering a freemium model like the gaming companies; e-commerce sites like macys.com and gap.com recently signed on with Offerpal to award existing customers with in-game points for making additional purchases; and the race to create a universal virtual currency – one that would be accepted by every site on the Web – is just beginning, with players as big as Facebook in the hunt.”

Information Week provides an interesting article that discusses real world legal issues virtual currency companies will face as the industry expands.

SmartPlanet explores new innovations in virtual value companies.

Wired explores innovation in currency exchange via Twitter

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Mmoops.com provides virtual currency rates

Mmoops.com allows gamers looking to buy and sell online gold to compare vendors and rate who is a scammer and who is trustworthy.

Press Release by PR Newswire

” Almost one-third of on-line games players are interested in purchasing currency like Gold, Adena, Gil, Kamas, Credits, Kinah, Silvers, Platinum and so on.”

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“Currency Connect” to launch in early 2010

Currency Connect, a “cross property virtual currency exchange” will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2010 by IMVU and MyYearbook. Articles and analysis from:


“This opens up an opportunity for other sites with large user bases such as Google and Yahoo to offer a currency program. If users are already joining multiple social-networking sites, there is no doubt that they are also using search engines and instant messaging.”


“The deal is significant because it is a step toward a universal virtual currency, which could have profound implications for the economies of games and virtual worlds, creating the ability for fluid movement between different sites.”


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