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The Revolution Will be Televised

Mediapost analyzes a recent study by Tubemogul that indicates that video ads on Facebook utilizing Virtual Currency as an incentive have much higher viewing times. From the article:

” Completion rates for Facebook’s virtual currency and app in-banner video ads were both above 40% compared to about 25% for in-banner video ads on other sites.”

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VIDEO: Supersonic Ads Explained

Robert Scoble interviews one of the Supersonic Ads co-founders about their virtual currency platform and how it integrates with FarmVille and other social games.

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Facebook Credits….the new money?

Advertising Age has an excellent article about the underlying implications of a successful Facebook Credits virtual currency by Ian Schafer.

” If Facebook continues its growth on mobile platforms, then Facebook Credits will have the opportunity to become the default mobile payment currency accepted worldwide.”

UPDATE : TechCrunch reports that Facebook expects up to 1/3 of their revenue to be generated from their virtual currency called Credits within the next 12 months.

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Burying the Hatchet

Clash of the Titans  was averted when social gaming giant Zynga and Facebook decided to end their dispute over Credits and notifications and sign a five year agreement to continue their takeover of the Internet.  Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Widely-reported tensions between Facebook and Zynga, the largest developer of games for its platform, seem to have dissolved with a new five-year agreement on virtual currency.”

TechCrunch ” Facebook’s director of communications Larry Yu tells us that the 30 percent fee has remained the same for this deal. But according to a source, Zynga was able to win some concessions and the company walked away pleased with the deal.”

CNET ” One of the biggest companies to emerge on Facebook’s platform was Zynga, which now has around 230 million monthly active users (Facebook has about 400 million).”

San Francisco ChronicleNeither firm would comment on recent published reports that their relationship was strained and that Zynga was preparing to break away with its own service called Zynga Live.”


Los Angeles Times

PC World

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Marvelous Team Up: Playdom meets ESPN

Sports media behemoth ESPN strikes a two year deal with EA’s  Playdom to develop social games for Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, Bebo and Hi5. Articles and analysis from:

Mashable ” Social gaming was the missing puzzle piece for ESPN, and we can’t wait to see what Playdom comes up with.”

Gamasutra ” Playdom is working with ESPN’s Interactive division to create a series of social games, the first two of which are in development and scheduled to launch this fall.”

Gamezebo ” Playdom is a leading developer of Facebook games with a roster of titles that includes Mobsters 1 and 2, Social City, Tiki Farm, Wild Ones, Big City Life and Sorority Life.”

WebNewser ” The network is also entering the location-based social space with its ESPN Passport app. Similar in function to FourSquare and free to download, the app will let users “check in” to sporting events they attend.”

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Examining the Virtual Goods model

Guru Focus discusses the rise of virtual goods on Facebook and the potential impact on console and PC based games.

” Newer videogame consoles have made the arcade games of the 1980s seem antiquated in comparison. Now home console videogames may be facing the same future as arcades as online based games gain popularity.”

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Chump Change?

Rixty eliminates consumer fees associated with purchasing virtual currency in most popular Facebook games. Article by: PR-USA.Net

” And beyond just turning cash into online currency, Rixty lets you use those unwanted coins sitting around every U.S. household. Take your coins to one of 20,000 Coinstar or Rixty retail locations to turn loose change into online fun.”

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Super Rewards drinks the Facebook Kool-Aid

Gamasutra reports on Super Rewards CEO Jason Bailey’s comments at GDC Canada where he praised the Facebook social network platform.

” Super Rewards is an early virtual currency platform that supports Facebook, Myspace, and the MMO space, and the CEO has seen enormous opportunity in viral, social gaming.”

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Facebook Credits coverage from f8 2010

Facebook Credits was a hot topic at the recent f8 2010 Conference in San Francisco. Articles and extensive analysis from:

The Wall Street Journal ” Instead of consumers having separate virtual currencies on separate Facebook applications, Facebook Credits will enable people to use one currency across all apps, which will reduce “friction” and increase transactions, Zuckerberg said.”

Financial Times ” At 30 per cent, Facebook is likely to see significant revenues from its Credits business as social gaming and sales of virtual goods boom on the social networking service and sites linked to it through Facebook Connect and Open Graph.”

VentureBeat ” In a question and answer session about Facebook Credits, developers were clearly disturbed with the plan for Facebook to keep 30 percent of every transaction.” Note: More on the subject here

BusinessWeek ” With Credits, Facebook is wading into the deepening virtual-goods market, which will almost double to $1.6 billion this year and could reach $3.6 billion in three years, according to Atul Bagga, a ThinkEquity LLC analyst in San Francisco.”

AllFacebook ” Additionally, Facebook will begin “seeding” millions of Facebook users accounts with Credits for them to spend in applications. For example, let’s say that a user is playing FarmVille yet has never purchase a virtual gift in the game. In order to get the user familiar with the virtual goods purchase behavior, Facebook will provide free credits to the user.”

ReadWriteWeb ” To coincide with the growth of the application market, particularly in the area of social gaming, Facebook also announced the expansion of its official virtual currency, Credits.”

Silicon Republic ” The move is intended to take advantage of the growing external ecosystem that Facebook Connect is already creating, which includes nine out of 10 news service providers and the top 10 iPhone apps.”

bNet ” The advantage is a lower barrier to adoption for users, who would have the advantage of only having to pay into a single system, and being able to take their pool of Credits to any app.”

At f8 2010, Mark Zuckerburg provides an update on Facebook Credits at about the 5:30 mark of the video.

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Facebook expanding Virtual Currency Credits

TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook is close to releasing its virtual currency offers program that allows users to earn Facebook “Credits” in exchange for filling out surveys and signing up for offers from companies such as Netflix. More coverage and analysis from:



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