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Life has its Rewards

Social Media guru Laurel Papworth breaks down the potential impact of widescale adoption of Facebook Credits virtual currency as a method of purchasing “real world” products and services. Kudos to Gamezebo for spotlighting this provocative article.

” Expect to see everyone from Nike (rewarding you for uploading your nutrition/exercise program) to TV Stations (rewarding you for becoming a Fan/Like of Lost or Big Brother page) jumping in. The current emphasis on rewards of credits going to Facebook Advertising implies that Facebook are going hungrily after Google’s Adsense/Adwords revenue.”

– Laurel Papworth

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Facebook ramping up Credits

Inside Facebook provides a recap of Facebook’s recent activity regarding rolling out its Credits virtual currency. From the article:

” Key to Facebook’s plans for Credits is getting more payment providers in place, a process that has been accelerating for months.”

In related news, VentureBeat reports that Rixty partnered with Coinstar to provide an easy method of converting loose change into Facebook Credits at grocery stores. From the article:

” In addition to the free Facebook Credits, users can buy Credits by taking their coins to a Coinstar machine and getting a Rixty voucher.”

The Wall Street Journal provides this Opinion piece. 8/13/2010

” The biggest shift in the social-gaming world — which includes titles like Mafia Wars and Restaurant City — is likely to be a battle over payment.”

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Half of Facebook users play Social Games

TechCrunch discusses an astounding figure mentioned by Playdom CEO John Pleasants who said that half the people on Facebook play Social Games and their time spent “in-game” is a mind-boggling 40% of their time on the network. This presents a massive opportunity to monetize via Facebook Credits virtual currency.

” But the most interesting thing Pleasants noted was that he recently heard (from his own source, apparently) that half of all users on Facebook now play social games. More impressively, 40% of total usage time on the service is spent on these games.”

Additional coverage from Inventorspot

” The beauty of bundling micropayments via Facebook Credits is that a single virtual currency could increase the size of the market exponentially by making it easier for users to purchase items where they don’t have to continually use  credit cards.”

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The Revolution Will be Televised

Mediapost analyzes a recent study by Tubemogul that indicates that video ads on Facebook utilizing Virtual Currency as an incentive have much higher viewing times. From the article:

” Completion rates for Facebook’s virtual currency and app in-banner video ads were both above 40% compared to about 25% for in-banner video ads on other sites.”

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VIDEO: Supersonic Ads Explained

Robert Scoble interviews one of the Supersonic Ads co-founders about their virtual currency platform and how it integrates with FarmVille and other social games.

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Facebook Credits….the new money?

Advertising Age has an excellent article about the underlying implications of a successful Facebook Credits virtual currency by Ian Schafer.

” If Facebook continues its growth on mobile platforms, then Facebook Credits will have the opportunity to become the default mobile payment currency accepted worldwide.”

UPDATE : TechCrunch reports that Facebook expects up to 1/3 of their revenue to be generated from their virtual currency called Credits within the next 12 months.

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Burying the Hatchet

Clash of the Titans  was averted when social gaming giant Zynga and Facebook decided to end their dispute over Credits and notifications and sign a five year agreement to continue their takeover of the Internet.  Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Widely-reported tensions between Facebook and Zynga, the largest developer of games for its platform, seem to have dissolved with a new five-year agreement on virtual currency.”

TechCrunch ” Facebook’s director of communications Larry Yu tells us that the 30 percent fee has remained the same for this deal. But according to a source, Zynga was able to win some concessions and the company walked away pleased with the deal.”

CNET ” One of the biggest companies to emerge on Facebook’s platform was Zynga, which now has around 230 million monthly active users (Facebook has about 400 million).”

San Francisco ChronicleNeither firm would comment on recent published reports that their relationship was strained and that Zynga was preparing to break away with its own service called Zynga Live.”


Los Angeles Times

PC World

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