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Watch and Earn

EA intends to integrate video ads into social games. The concept is called “incentivized social video” and the goal for the end user is to obtain points/level up/receive virtual currency (in-game) in exchange for watching an online video ad. On a side note, this is a potentially game changing promotional tool as virtually currency becomes integrated into more online activities besides games. In the long term, the trick is going to be providing some type of login or quiz that will require human interaction and thwart the bots that will be designed to game the system. A short, post viewing quiz that requires login would also provide critical feedback and invaluable data to the advertiser.

Further, a video campaign thoroughly embedded within the entire fabric of a contextually related social game would allow the advertiser to build a much more engaging and relevant experience with the end user if the advertiser is willing to “up the ante” and provide higher points or perhaps customized virtual goods that are earned exclusively by viewing a “series” of online videos and answering questions within an associated quiz widget.  If this can be achieved online video advertising tied to rewards and loyalty programs should be frickin’ gi-normous. Articles and analysis from:

Games.com  ” You know the feeling all too well. You hit a wall in your favorite Facebook game when you’ve run out of Energy. But instead of putting up for more, Madden suggests that players could watch a video ad for some more Energy. You get more Energy; EA gets its precious moola from advertisers; everyone is happy! Hey, at this point, anything beats shelling out cash. “

Inside Social Games ” With video advertising, Madden says he thinks advertisers can solve the challenges of engagement and scalability in social games. The trick is allowing the user to feel in control of the experience, as in not forcing them to watch an ad while playing game, and to slot the experience into the game in a targeted way. “

Forbes ” EA is already working on a new system that will allow advertisers to dynamically place brands or messaging across platforms and get measurable results that can be compared to traditional television or Internet advertising buys. “

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Advertising in Social Games

Mashable has an excellent article about how to advertise within social games on social networks. From the article:

” Social games provide some unique opportunities for advertisers, as gameplay generally involves virtual goods — things players want, but often don’t want to pay for. Game publishers have begun to tie virtual goods or currency to “real world” purchases from advertising partners (spend $50 at the Gap, get 20 Facebook Credits, for example).”

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Fatfoogoo flows into Digital River

e-Commerce services provider Digital River acquires Fatfoogoo for $10 Million and immediately becomes a player in the virtual currency/goods marketplace. Articles and analysis by:

VirtualWorldsNews ” Digital River intends to combine its product offering with Fatfoogoo’s in the future, offering online merchants a single service for managing sales. The combined solution will offer turnkey support for implementing virtual goods, virtual currency, e-wallets, secondary marketplaces, and auction houses into a game.

VentureBeat ” Minneapolis-based Digital River is a publicly traded e-commerce company. Fatfoogoo, based in Vienna, Austria, provides a platform for game developers to implement virtual currency and virtual goods, digital representations of real-world objects popularly used in online games.

Minneapolis StarTribune ” Digital River said that combining its operations with those of Fatfoogoo will enable it to offer game companies a more comprehensive marketing service. Last year Digital River earned $49.8 million on revenue of $403.8 million”

MarketWatch – Press Release

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Marvelous Team Up: Wadja meets gWallet

Techwack provides coverage of a global partnership struck between social network Wadja and virtual currency solutions provider gWallet.

” By connecting global brand advertisers, including Coca-Cola, Volvo and Microsoft, with Wadja’s users, gWallet enables individuals within the social network to earn free points, thereby gaining access to a variety of services and virtual goods.”

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China’s vast Virtual Economy

CNN reports that China has a more advanced virtual economy than the US. From the article:

” China has many more developers of online games and services than in the United States, a factor industry watchers say has encouraged competition and innovation. The crowded field, however, have fought to turn profits. Selling virtual goods, so far, has yielded the most success.”

Informa Telecom & Media conducted an excellent report that examines  growth rates and types of activities on mobile social networks in China.

” Social networking is expected to drive the data business and Chinese operators are learning fast about how much consumers are willing to pay.”

Additional analysis of the report from a social gaming perspective from ZDNet Asia

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Is Ralleo the “Groupon” of Virtual Currency?

Virtual Goods monetization company Ralleo launches at GDC 2010, targeting social games companies. From the Press Release:

” Ralleo.com, and its facebook application enable users to “rally” with their friends and meet the minimum required to unlock the virtual currency deal.”

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Countdown to Facebook Credits launch

According to a Facebook blog post, It’s now not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN” Facebook will officially launch its own Virtual Currency called Facebook Credits. Articles and analysis by:

Daily Finance (AOL) “Virtual currencies are going to move more and more into a mainstream environment and attract more attention,” says Beth Robertson, director of payments research at Javelin Strategy & Research, a financial services and security consultancy.




The Next Web




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