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VIDEO: Virtual Currency Explained

An interesting video explaining the benefits of virtual currency over other forms of advertising on the internet.

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PlaySpan using $18 Million investment for expansion

Virtual Goods company PlaySpan received $18 Million in venture capital financing from Vodaphone Ventures and Softbank Bodhi Fund. Articles and anlysis from:

Gamasutra ” The company’s monetization solutions have been implemented in more than 1,000 online games, social networks, and online videos.”

VatorNews Among the offerings provided by PlaySpan include UltimatePay, which incorporates over 85 payment methods through a simple and accessible user interface.  Through UltimatePay, users can expand their markets through Ultimate Game Card, the world’s first prepaid game card, and UltimatePoints, which provides for one-click in-game payments and handles transactions as small as $0.01.”

Forbes ” The Silicon Valley-based PlaySpan was founded in 2006. Its other co-founder, Mehta’s son Arjun, was in 5th grade when they started the company (that’s going to look great on his application to Harvard).”

Helium provides a very good article about how PlaySpan was created.

In 2007, Venture capital publication, “Venture Beat” reported that “Arjun Mehta, a 6th grader, said on his website that he is passionate about software that can make the game experience more “rewarding,” and that he started the company last year in his garage.

PRWeb (Press Release)

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Fatfoogoo flows into Digital River

e-Commerce services provider Digital River acquires Fatfoogoo for $10 Million and immediately becomes a player in the virtual currency/goods marketplace. Articles and analysis by:

VirtualWorldsNews ” Digital River intends to combine its product offering with Fatfoogoo’s in the future, offering online merchants a single service for managing sales. The combined solution will offer turnkey support for implementing virtual goods, virtual currency, e-wallets, secondary marketplaces, and auction houses into a game.

VentureBeat ” Minneapolis-based Digital River is a publicly traded e-commerce company. Fatfoogoo, based in Vienna, Austria, provides a platform for game developers to implement virtual currency and virtual goods, digital representations of real-world objects popularly used in online games.

Minneapolis StarTribune ” Digital River said that combining its operations with those of Fatfoogoo will enable it to offer game companies a more comprehensive marketing service. Last year Digital River earned $49.8 million on revenue of $403.8 million”

MarketWatch – Press Release

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Zeevex, we hardly knew ya

Virtual Currency company Zeevex gets acquired by InComm. Deal provides massive market to launch Zeevex virtual currency cards. Articles and analysis by:


PRWeb – Press Release

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Microtransaction success stories

An oldie but a goodie from LiveGamer

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