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Marvelous Team Up: Sometrics meets Facebook

Sometrics has partnered with Facebook so that its Game Coin virtual currency can be exchanged with Facebook Credits. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Facebook itself views Facebook Credits as the equivalent to the introduction of the euro, which gave Europeans a single currency and encouraged more cross-border trade. Facebook believes Credits will encourage users to spend more money across larger numbers of apps, allowing the whole ecosystem to benefit”

InsideFacebook ” Sometrics has more than 250 publishers outside of Facebook signed up already, with a combined 225 million users it says, and it has gained experience figuring out what services to provide gamers, and connect them to publishers”


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Sometrics rolls out shopping reward program

socialTECH.com provides coverage of Sometrics rolling out their new e-commerce virtual currency reward program for online shoppers. From the article:

“Sometrics says it has rolled out a new “Shop & Earn Shopping Feed” service, which will allow game participants to earn virtual currency when they purchase products from e-commerce retailers. Game participants get virtual currency on social games using Sometrics’ by buying products they buy on automotive, clothing, electronics, and other retail sites, similar to the way people earn airline miles and points on credit cards.”

Press Release by YourStory

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Sometrics lands $4 Million

Sometrics gets investment based (in part) on their Virtual Currency Manager for social game platforms. Article and analysis from TechCrunch

Additional coverage in Press Release by Reuters

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