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Virtual Shoppers spend Real Money

A new study from PlaySpan and VGMarket indicates that women are spending twice as much as men to purchase virtual items. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra “For the purposes of the study, virtual goods encompassed items, game content, and currency in social games, massively multiplayer games, and online PC and console games, including add-on levels and other DLC.”

CNET ” When looking at the median spent on first-party purchases within social-network games, the average female spent $55 dollars, compared to only $30 for males.”

VentureBeat ” Social networks are leading the market, with 32 percent of respondents making purchases in social networks.”

PR Web (Press Release)

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PRC Not Playing Games

The People’s Republic of China flexed their muscle and shut down any availability of minors to use Virtual Currency when playing games. Articles and analysis from:




Peoples Daily Online

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Bad Credit?

Inside Facebook has an excellent article about how Facebook Credits may actually drain more that 30% profit from every game developer during virtual goods transactions. From the article:

” The concern here is that Credits, if somehow mandatory, would replace the currency that users buy but don’t spend, thereby removing this revenue from developers’ balance sheets”

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Show me the Money!

Mashable provides analysis of a recent report that breaks down social game spending. The report is by virtual currency agency Social Gold. From the article:

” U.S. and European users spend more on social games than Asian users — far more. The average north american spent $74, while the average Asian player only spent $30 on virtual goods.”

Social Gold blog

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SponsorPay hauls in $5 Million

Virtual Currency monetization firm SponsorPay receives a $5 Million funding round led by Hasso Plattner Ventures. Articles and analysis from:


MCV (press release)

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Spread the Wealth

Social Gaming solutions provider Viximo rolls out a new social game platform to help developers get their games distributed across mid-sized social networks. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Viximo’s distribution network includes social networks such as BlackPlanet, Quepasa, Multiply, Zorpia, Tuenti and others. Each network has anywhere from 3 million to 20 million users per month.”

EarthTimes (press release)

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Examining the Virtual Goods model

Guru Focus discusses the rise of virtual goods on Facebook and the potential impact on console and PC based games.

” Newer videogame consoles have made the arcade games of the 1980s seem antiquated in comparison. Now home console videogames may be facing the same future as arcades as online based games gain popularity.”

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Addicting Games adds Virtual Goods

Nickelodeon’s “Addicting Games” will integrate  virtual goods into their platform to increase revenue and end-user engagement.  Articles by:



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Playspan reveals global ARPPU stats

Playspan releases statistics concerning virtual goods ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User). Article and analysis by: TechWhack

” According to the data, Australian gamers generate the highest ARPPU at $24.38. United States gamers place a close second with an ARPPU of $22.76.”

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The Race to Monetize on Facebook

Numerous companies ranging from Kwedit to Visa are racing to offer consumers the best virtual currency solution for playing social games and buying virtual goods on Facebook. Articles and analysis by:


CBC News

Blogging Stocks

TechCrunch analyzes Kwedit for social games

Geek With Laptop breaks down Kwedit

VentureBeat – Even more Kwedit analysis

PR NewsWire (Kwedit Press Release)

GamesBeat discusses new reports by Inside Network concerning social games and digital goods on social networks including Facebook. From the article:

” The report details how social game developers organize their teams and publish on a frequent update schedule, with numerous iterations aimed at getting more users to play and share the games. It also describes the mechanics and designs of social games and what makes them unique, as well as monetization trends.”

ReadWriteWeb discusses Facebook’s progression into a massive advertising platform

Mashable discusses three potential massive revenue streams for Facebook

Reuters discusses Facebook achieving “Technological Lock – In” status.

UPDATE: 03/02/2010 ReadWriteWeb discusses report about estimates of Facebook earning 1 Billion in 2010.

UPDATE: 03/06/2010 Silicon Republic has an article where Colm Long from Facebook says that virtual currency monetization on Facebook can eventually eclipse revenue from ads on the the network.

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